At Slough Auto Centre we offer a full spectrum of mechanical repairs including gearbox reconditioning, clutch's, brake discs and pads, exhausts, steering and suspension, batteries, turbos, cambelt kits, timing chains, head gaskets, engine rebuilds, welding and MOT failure work. Our technicians have experience of dealing with the most challenging mechanical repairs and are trained to high standards.



Mechanical Repairs

We have significant experience with many makes and models. We aim to carry out repairs as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible. The advantages to regular vehicle maintenance are readily apparent. The chance of mechanical breakdown is greatly reduced and it is likely that large bills in the future can be avoided.

We can ensure a quick turnaround where possible as we have established good working relationships with parts suppliers. We can fit either aftermarket or genuine parts depending on your preferences and budget.


Diagnostic Checks


At Slough Auto Centre we understand the need to stay ahead of the game and keep updated with the latest automotive trends. With evolving and expanding electronic components being fitted to more and more vehicles it is imperative that we offer a solution to being able to check when these parts begin to fail.


Therefore, we have various diagnostic equipment with all the latest updates for being able to check about 95% of all makes and models of vehicles at a fraction of the main dealer price.


So if you have an engine management light showing on your dash or a warning light that you don’t know what it means then call us now to make an appointment on: 01753 523345





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