After Market Warranty Repair Work


Slough Auto Centre work alongside a number of aftermarket warranty companies. So if you have a used car with an additional aftermarket warranty and would like it diagnosed or have work carried out which you feel should be covered by your warranty company then please feel free to book in with us today so we can guide you through the process. Call us on: 01753 523 345

Warranty procedure

With so many different warranty companies on the market it’s difficult to know how warranty works. The basic principle is pretty much the same.

Your car has a fault and you will either call out your warranty company to come and assist you on the side of a road and hopefully fix it there and then or If they can’t they will recover you into a garage for further diagnoses.

Alternatively, your car will have a fault and you will contact your warranty company who will recommend you go into your local garage to have it diagnosed.

Diagnoses fees are not normally covered by warranty companies; this fee will be incurred by the customer. Once the diagnose report is ready, we contact the warranty company and inform them of the fault and cost of repairs. They will usually call us back within 24 - 48 hours to inform us if the claim has been successfully approved or declined.

If approved, we contact you the customer and inform you of any costs and breakdown of how payment is made and recovered on your behalf.

In the rare occasions of not being approved we would try our up-most to offer you a competitive price to have the work carried out.

We do not under any circumstance carry out repair work without informing the customer first.




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